380EX Speedlite : How to set and use bounce flash.

Article ID: ART152154 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 02/04/2016


How to set and use bounce flash


When the flash is aimed directly at a portrait subject, a harsh shadow may appear behind the subject. By bouncing the flash off the ceiling, etc. you can reduce or eliminate the shadow and produce a softer light.
  • The flash head has click stops at 0°, 60°, 75° and 90° angles of tilting


  1. Tilt the flash head toward the ceiling or other reflective surface
  2. Turn on the Speedlite 380EX's power switch
  3. Focus the subject
  4. Check that nothing is blinking in the viewfinder and take the picture



  • The reflective surface should be a solid whitish color. If the reflective surface is patterned or not white, the results will be affected accordingly
  • When the flash head is tilted up, the zoom position is set automatically to 50mm
  • When the flash head is tilted for bounce flash, the flash coverage is set automatically to 50mm



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