Adjusting/Changing the Volume settings (L80)

Article ID: ART152182 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 01/20/2016


Adjusting/Changing the Volume settings


Adjusting/Changing the Volume Settings

  1. Press <Function>.
  2. Press <Data Registration>.
  3. Press <Set>.
  4. Use <> or <> to select [USER SETTINGS], then press <Set>.
  5. Use <> or <> to select [VOLUME CONTROL], then press <Set>.
  6. Use <> or <> to select the item that you want, then press <Set>.
    You will have the following options:
    CALLING VOLUME Selects the ring volume when the machine detects a voice call. 1/2/3
    KEYPAD VOLUME Selects the keypad touch peed volume. 0(off)/1/2/3
    ALARM VOLUME Selects the error alarm volume. 0(off)/1/2/3
    LINE MONITOR VOL. Selects the line monitor volume (sound during dialing). 0(off)/1/2/3
    Note: The default setting for all volumes is 2.
  7. Press <Stop/Reset> to return to standby mode.



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