Canceling Automatic Redialing
Article ID: ART152216 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 01/22/2016


Canceling Automatic Redialing.


Canceling Automatic Redialing

Automatic redialing cannot be canceled with the <Stop/Reset> button while the machine is waiting to redial. You can either wait until your machine begins redialing and then follow the procedure below, or if you want to cancel while your machine is waiting to redial, you will have to delete the document from memory.

Follow this procedure to cancel automatic redialing when your machine begins redialing:

  1. Wait until your machine begins redialing.

  2. Press <Stop/Reset>.
    Your machine asks you to confirm that you want to cancel automatic redialing.

  3. Press<> to cancel redialing.
    • Redialing is not canceled until you press <>.
    • If you change your mind and want to continue redialing, press <#>.
    • The machine prints an ERROR TX REPORT.