Memory Sending-L170

Article ID: ART152224 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 01/20/2016


Memory Sending


Memory Sending

You should normally use memory sending to send documents efficiently. If [MEMORY FULL] is displayed, the machine cannot scan the documents. In this case, wait for the machine to send any faxes stored in the memory, then scan the document.

You can register a new fax job while the machine is waiting to redial the other party's number automatically.

Follow this procedure for memory sending:

  1. Load the document in the ADF.
  2. Press <Fax>.
    If you are already in the Fax standby mode, you can skip this step.


  3. Adjust any necessary settings for your document.

    • Press <Image Quality> to select the fax resolution.
    • Press <Exposure> to select the scan density.


  4. Dial the other party's fax/telephone number.

  5. Press <Start>.

    To cancel memory sending, press <Stop/Reset>.



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