Printing From a Mobile Phone (BU-30)

Article ID: ART152337 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 12/29/2015


Printing From a Mobile Phone (BU-30)


Printing From a Mobile Phone

Printing wirelessly from Bluetooth enabled mobile phones requires the optional Bluetooth Unit [BU-30] (sold separately). Note that the mobile phone needs to be equipped with the following functions.

  • Built-in [Bluetooth] and profiles compatible with [BIP (Basic Imaging Profile)] or [OPP (Object Push Profile)]. For details on compatible profiles, refer to the user guide of the mobile phone.
  • Camera function that enables you to shoot and save JPEG images, which are compliant with the Exif standards.
For details on how to use the mobile phone or on printing methods via Bluetooth refer to the user guide provided with the mobile phone.




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