Uninstalling ScanGear (LiDE 700F)

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Uninstalling ScanGear (LiDE 700F)


Uninstalling ScanGear (LiDE 700F)

When deleting ScanGear, close all running applications and remove the cable connecting the machine and computer.

  1. Start Uninstall:

    From the Start menu, select (All) Programs > CanoScan (model name) > Uninstall.

    In Windows Vista, a confirmation or warning dialog box may appear while installing, uninstalling or starting software.
    Such dialog box appears when administrative rights are required to perform a task.
    If you are logged on to an administrator account, click Continue or Allow to continue.
    Some applications require administrator account to continue. If you are logged on to a standard account, switch to an administrator account and start over.
  2. Delete ScanGear:
    When the Uninstall dialog box opens, click OK.
    When a confirmation appears, click Yes.
  3. Complete uninstallation:

    When all files are deleted, click Exit.
    ScanGear is now uninstalled.
  1. Delete ScanGear:

    Double-click the icon of the hard disk on which the scanner driver is installed, browse to Library, Image Capture, TWAIN Data Sources, then move the CanoScan (model name) .ds to the trash can.
  2. Restart the computer:
    Empty the trash can and restart the computer.

    ScanGear cannot be deleted if you are not logged in as a user with administrator privileges.

    For more about administrator privileges, refer to the Macintosh User's Guide.




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