Installing the cartridge FAX-JX210P

Article ID: ART152431 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 12/28/2015


The fax machine uses a PG-40 or PG-50 Ink Cartridge.


Installing the FINE Cartridge

  1. Lift the Printer Cover until it locks into place.

  2. When the Printer Cover is opened, the Cartridge Holder will move to the left.

  3. Prepare the FINE Cartridge.
    1. Remove the FINE Cartridge from its package.

    2. Remove the protective tape (A). When doing so, DO NOT TOUCH the metallic areas.

  4. Insert the FINE Cartridge slightly slanted into the Cartridge Holder.

    * Make sure the machine is powered on and the ON lights green.
    * Make sure the holder has moved to the left.

  5. Push up the FINE Cartridge until it clicks into place.

    DO NOT put the head of the FINE Cartridge downward into the Cartridge Holder.

  6. Close the Printer Cover.

  7. Wait until the preparation operation is completed: this takes about one to two minutes.



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