Printing an Activity Report. L90

Article ID: ART152445 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 10/16/2015


Printing an Activity Report. L90


Printing an Activity Report.

1. Press [Menu].

2. Press or to select <REPORT SETTINGS>, then press [OK].

3. Press or to select <LIST PRINT>, then press [OK].

4. Press or to select <ACTIVITY REPORT>, then press [OK].

Printing starts, and the screen automatically returns to the standby mode.

The following items are displayed in the Activity Report:

  • NO: Transaction number (01 to 60)
  • JOB NO: Job number
  • START TIME: Date and time of transaction
  • MODE: Mode of transaction (G3 or ECM)
  • DESTINATION TEL/ID: Name and number of recipient or sender
  • PAGE: Number of pages sent or received
  • RESULT: Result of transaction, transaction duration

- OK: Transaction successful

- NG: Transaction failed



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