Set TX (Transmit) Start Speed to a slower setting (FAX-JX210P)

Article ID: ART152505 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 12/28/2015


Set the speed at which the fax starts transmitting (TX). Set this to a lower speed if you have difficulties connecting over long distance or noisy lines.


Change TX Start Speed Setting

The message [START AGAIN] will appear if phone line conditions are less than perfect. Decrease the transmission (TX or send) speed if this message appears frequently on the LCD.

  1. Press <Menu>

  2. Use to select [DATA REGSTRATION], then press <Start/Copy>. The LCD displays [USER SETTINGS].

  3. Use to scroll through the menus and select [SYSTEM SETTINGS]

  4. Press <Start/Copy>.

  5. Use to select [TX START SPEED].

  6. Press <Start/Copy>. The factory default TX (send) Speed is 14400 bps.

You can select from the following TX Speeds:

14400 bps

9600 bps

7200 bps

4800 bps

  1. Use to display the desired TX Speed.

  2. Press <Start/Copy>.

  3. Press <Stop/Reset> to return to standby mode.



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