Adjusting the Sleep Mode (L90)

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Adjusting the Sleep Mode



When the machine remains idle for a certain period of time, it automatically enters the Sleep mode. The default settings are <ON> and <5MIN.>

1. Press [Menu].

2. Press   or   to select <TIMER SETTINGS>, then pres [OK].

3. Press   or   to select <AUTO SLEEP>, then press [OK].

4. Press   or   to select <ON> or <OFF>, then press [OK].

If you select <OFF> skip to Step 6.

5. Press   or   to select the desired interval, then press [OK].

You can set the interval from 3 to 30 minutes (in one-minute increments).

You can also enter values numeric keys.

6. Press [Stop/Reset] to return to standby mode.


- [Energy Saver] lights green when the machine enters the Sleep mode.

- To resume the normal mode from the Sleep mode, press [Energy Saver] on the operation panel.

- To enter Sleep mode manually, press [Energy saver] on the operation panel.

- The machin will not enter the sleep mode when:

  • the machine is in operation
  • the Processing/Data indicator lights or flashes
  • a mesage appears on the display
  • a paper jam occurs in the machine
  • the handset or the handset of the external telephone is off the hook

- The machine will leave the Sleep mode when:

  • you press [Energy Saver] on the operation panel
  • a fax is received
  • the handset or the handset of the external telephone is off the hook
  • a print job is sent from a computer, and the print is started


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