Adjusting the Image - Adjusting Keystone Distortion

Article ID: ART152593 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 01/29/2016


Adjusting the Image - Adjusting Keystone Distortion


Adjusting Keystone Distortion

The D.SHIFT/KEYSTONE button can be used to correct keystone distortion.

  • Keystone can be adjusted within the range of ±20 degrees. If the keystone distortion is too large to adjust, move the projector installation position so that it is completely straight.
  • The result of keystone adjustment is stored in memory. If you place the projector in the same position, the keystone adjustment is not necessary.
  • Signals are processed digitally when keystone distortion is corrected. The image may look different from the original one. In addition, the aspect ratio of the image may change.
  • Perform keystone distortion correction with the lens shift position in the home position. Correction will not be performed correctly if the position is not the home position.


1 Press the D.SHIFT/KEYSTONE button to display the window shown on the lower right.

2 Press the pointer buttons to adjust.

3 When keystone distortion has been corrected, press the OK button.


Resetting the Keystone Adjustment

Perform the following steps to reset the keystone adjustment. Press the D.SHIFT/KEYSTONE button twice to display the [Keystone reset] window. On the window, select [OK] with the   button, and then press the OK button



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