Ceiling Mounting or Rear Projection

Article ID: ART152608 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 01/29/2016


Ceiling Mounting or Rear Projection


Ceiling Mounting or Rear Projection

You can mount the projector on the ceiling (ceiling mounting) with it turned upside down or place it behind the screen (rear projection) if you use a translucent screen

Make sure to use the optional ceiling attachment.

Adjusting the projection position when installed on the floor

To adjust the projection position when the projector is installed on the floor, use the lens shift function to adjust up / down / left / right. You can also use the adjustable feet to incline the projector upward by up to 6°.

When the projector is inclined upwards, the projected image will be distorted into a trapezoid shape. This can be corrected by using the keystone correction

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