Sending Faxes to Multiple Recipients (Sequential Broadcast)

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Sending Faxes to Multiple Recipients (Sequential Broadcast)


Sending to Multiple Destinations at a Time (Sequential Broadcast)

You can send the same fax to multiple destinations simultaneously.

1. Place your fax face down, and then adjust the document guides tightly to the width of the document.

2. Press [ ] (FAX/COPY) to switch to the Fax mode screen.

3. Press [ ] or [ ] to highlight <Specify Destination>, and then press [OK].

4. Press [ ] or [ ] to highlight a method for specifying destinations, and then press [OK].
  • Fax (New)
  • Address Book
  • Coded Dial
See the "e-Manual" (HTML manual) in the CD-ROM supplied with the machine.

5. Repeat step 3 and 4 to enter all the destinations.

6. Press [ ] (Start).

Attention (Sequential Broadcast)

The number of destinations that you can specify for a sequential broadcast:
  • Using the numeric keys: Up to 10 destinations
  • One-touch keys: Up to 30 destinations
  • Coded dialing codes: Up to 100 destinations
To specify destinations using the numeric keys:
Enter the numbers and press [OK].
For confirming/deleting/editing the specified destinations
(1) Press [ ] or [ ] to highlight <Confirm/Edit Destination>, and then press [OK].

(2) Press [ ] or [ ] to highlight the destination, and then press [OK].
Details of the destination are displayed.

(3) To delete a destination added from the address book, press [ ] or [ ] to highlight <Delete Destination(s)>, and then press [OK].
For editing destinations being entered using numeric keys
Edit the destinations using numeric keys, and then press [OK].



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