Side Controls

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Side Controls


Side Control

(1) LED indicators

The projector status is shown by the LED indicators (off / on / flashing). For indicator status, refer to “LED Indicator Displays”

  • POWER ON (green): Lights up or flashes when the power is on.
  • STAND BY (red) : Lights up or flashes during standby or when the projector is shut down.
  • WARNING (red) : Lights up or flashes when an error occurs.
  • LAMP (orange) : Flashes when the time for replacing the lamp is near. Also lights up together with the [WARNING] indicator (constantly lit) when a lamp malfunction or lamp cover malfunction has occurred.
  • TEMP (red) : Lights up together with the [WARNING] indicator (constantly lit) when a temperature error has occurred. Flashes when the temperature inside the projector is high.

(2) POWER button - Turns the projector on or off.

(3) MENU button - Displays a menu on the screen.

(4) LENS button - Each time the button is pressed, the screen changes to focus adjustment, zoom (image size) adjustment, or lens shift (image position) adjustment. To adjust, use the or the buttons.

(5) INPUT button - Switches the input signal.

(6) Pointer / VOL buttons - Adjust the sound volume. button: Decreases the volume. button: Increases the volume. Selects the upper, lower, left or right item in the menu.

(7) OK button - Determines the item selected from the menu.

LED Indicator Displays

The illumination status of the LED indicators indicates the operating status of the projector.



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