Turning Off the Projector

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Turning Off the Projector


Turning Off the Projector

1 Press the POWER button to display the window shown on the lower right.

When this window is displayed, press the POWER button again to turn off the power. The lamp goes off, the [STAND BY] indicator starts flashing in red and the cooling process starts.

If the power plug is left connected, the [STAND BY] indicator will switch from flashing to constantly illuminated after the cooling process is completed.

  • You cannot turn the projector on while the cooling process is in operation.
  • If you want to continue projecting without turning off the power, press a button other than POWER, or else wait until the confirmation message disappears.
  • After turning off the projector, wait at least 5 minutes before turning it on again. It may shorten the lamp life if you turn on the projector immediately after turning it off.
  • Using the projector for a long time may shorten the life of the lamp and optical components.


2 Disconnect the power cord from the AC outlet.

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