Cleaning and Replacing the Air Filter
Article ID: ART152713 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 01/28/2016


Cleaning and Replacing the Air Filter


Replacing the Air Filter

Follow the procedure below when replacing the air filter.

Turn off the projector power and remove the power plug.

Hook your finger onto the handle of the air filter on the side of the projector, and pull the air filter out to remove it.

Remove the filter from the air filter frame. First disengage the tab on the inside, then remove the entire air filter from the frame

Install a new air filter into the frame. First insert the air filter tab into the groove on the handle side of the frame, then press the air filter into the frame

Securely insert the air filter all the way into the projector.

  • Handle the air filter carefully. If damaged, the air filter will not work properly.

  • When the lamp is replaced, it is recommend that you also replace the air filter.

  • Contact the Canon Customer Support Center for further information.

  • Replacement air filter part No.: RS-FL01


Cleaning the Air Filter

The air filter protects the lens and mirror inside the projector from dust and dirt. Should the air filter become clogged with dust, the projector may be damaged since it will block the air flow into the projector and raise the temperature of the projector. The following screen is displayed when turning on the projector if the air filter needs to be cleaned (after approx. 300 hours). Clean the air filter if such is the case.

  • Only the , OK and POWER buttons are available while this screen is displayed. (When you press the POWER button, the message “Push POWER button again to turn off power” appears.)
  • After this screen has been displayed for 10 seconds and disappeared, all buttons become operable
  • Hook your finger into the air filter handle on the side of the projector, and remove the air filter. Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.
  • Bring the vacuum cleaner nozzle directly close to the side intake vent and the bottom exhaust vent in order to clean them.
  • If the filter replacement screen is displayed when turning on the projector after cleaning the air filter, select [Yes] and press OK. The filter replacement screen will disappear.