Setting an IP Address

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Setting an IP Address


Setting an IP Address

It is possible to send an error notification e-mail from the projector to the computer when you connect the projector to the network.

To connect via the network, an IP address must be assigned to the projector. Set an IP address by following the steps below. (The examples shown are Windows XP screenshot images.)

Setting IP Address of the Computer

1 Connect the projector and a computer directly via a cross or straight type LAN cable.

2 Turn on the power of the projector and computer.

3 Select [On] for [Network function] in the projector menu.

4 Open [Control Panel] from the [Start] menu, then select [Network and Internet Connections]

- [Network Connections].

5 Right-click [Local Area Connection], and open [Properties].

6 Select [Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)] and click the [Properties] button. Take notes of the original network settings (IP address, subnet mask, DHCP settings, etc).

7 Select [Use the following IP address] and set as follows:

[IP address]:

[Subnet mask]:


8 When you have specified the settings, click the [OK] button and then click the [OK] button on the [Local Area Connection Properties] window to close it.

Resetting the IP Address Setting of the Computer

1 Turn off the projector and remove the LAN cable.

2 Follow the step 3 to 6 to restore the network setting to the original setting.


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