Lamp Handling Precautions

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Lamp Handling Precautions



Lamp Handling Precautions

This projector uses a high-pressure mercury lamp which must be handled carefully and correctly as mentioned below.

The mercury lamp has the following characteristics.

  • A lamp may explode with a loud sound or burn out due to a shock, scratch, or use beyond its expiry date.

  • The lamp life may differ from lamp to lamp and according to the usage environment. There is no guarantee that all lamps will last for the same period of time. Some lamps may fail in a shorter period of time than other similar lamps.

  • A lamp gradually becomes darker over time.

If a Lamp Explodes

  • If a lamp explodes, gas or dust may come out of the exhaust vent. Open windows and doors for ventilation.

  • The gas contains toxic mercury. Always keep your face away from the exhaust vent when the projector is operating to avoid inhaling mercury vapors or to prevent it from getting in your eyes or mouth.

  • If you inhale the gas or the shards of the broken lamp contact your eyes or mouth, consult a doctor immediately.

  • If a lamp explodes, its shards may scatter inside the projector. Ask the Canon service representative to clean and check the inside of the projector and replace the lamp.

If the projector indicates that the lamp should be replaced (i.e., the LAMP REPLACE indicator lights up twice),

  • The chances of an explosion increase. Replace the lamp with a new one immediately if such is the case.

Disposal of Waste Lamp

  • Dispose of the projector's mercury lamp according to local regulations just like the fluorescent lamps




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