If <Incorrect Size/Setting> Appears

Article ID: ART152882 | Date published: 05/22/2015 | Date last updated: 10/07/2015


If Appears


This message appears when the paper size loaded in the paper cassette does not match the size specified in <Paper Settings> menu. If this message appears, follow the steps in the procedure below.
To ignore the message and proceed to print:
  • To ignore the message and proceed to print on paper that is currently set, press [OK]. However, images may be printed improperly, for example, part of images may not be printed.

Changing the <Paper Settings> Menu to Match the Size Loaded in the Paper Cassette

Cancel the job and refer to [ Setting the Paper Size and Type ] to change the paper size in <Paper Settings> menu.
When printing from the printer driver:
  • Make sure that the paper size specified in the printer driver also matches the size loaded in the paper cassette.

Loading the Paper Size Specified in the <Paper Settings> Menu

Reload the paper specified in the <Paper Settings> menu.



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