Sending a Fax Manually

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Sending a Fax Manually


Sending a Fax Manually

Send a fax manually when
  • you want to notify the recipient of an incoming fax by telephone
  • the receiving fax machine cannot receive faxes automatically

1. Connect an external telephone or a handset to the machine.
For more information, see the following.

2. Place your fax in the feeder.

3. Press [ ] (FAX/COPY) to switch to the Fax mode screen.

4. Specify the scan settings.

5. Check for a dial tone via the handset or the external telephone.
Check if you hear the dial tone.

6. Dial the recipient's number.

7. Talk to the recipient through the handset or the external telephone.
If you hear a beep:
Proceed to step 9.

8. Ask the recipient to set his/her fax machine to receive your fax.

9. When you hear a beep, press [ ] (Start), and hang up the handset or the external telephone.
When the scan is complete, the machine is ready to send your faxes.

Precautions When Sending a Fax Manually

Restrictions when sending faxes manually:
  • Scanning from the platen glass is not available.
  • The group dialing function is not available.
  • Scanning 2-sided documents is not available (Only one side of the documents will be scanned).
Check for a dial tone before entering the number.
  • When the number is entered before checking for a dial tone, your call cannot come through or may be connected to a wrong destination.



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