Connecting a Telephone Line

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Connecting a Telephone Line


Connecting a Telephone Line

Follow the onscreen instructions provided by "Fax Setup Guide" to connect the telephone line.
Take the following steps to display "Fax Setup Guide" on the screen.
[ ] (Menu) -> <Fax TX Settings> -> <Fax Setup Guide>

1. Press [OK].
The screen that appears varies, depending on the Receive mode selected.

2. Connect the machine to the telephone line connector.

If you use an external telephone:
Proceed to step 3.

If you do not use an external telephone:
Proceed to step 4.

3. Connect an external telephone to the machine.

* To connect an external telephone that includes fax functions, make sure to disable its automatic fax reception feature so it does not receive faxes automatically.

4. Press [OK] after the telephone line has been connected.

5. Press [ ] to highlight <Yes>, and then press [OK].
The setup procedure is complete.

6. Press [OK].

7. Restart the machine to take effect the settings.
Turn OFF the machine and wait for at least 10 seconds before turning it back ON.

8. Change the line type.
  • By default, the telephone line type is set to tone dialing. Skip the following steps in the procedure below when you select tone dialing.
  • Follow the steps in the procedure below to select pulse dialing.
  • Contact your local telephone company if you are not sure of the line type that you are using.
(1) Press [ ] (Menu).
(2) Press [ ] or [ ] to highlight <Fax TX Settings>, and then press [OK].
(3) Press [ ] or [ ] to highlight <Basic Settings>, and then press [OK].
(4) Press [ ] or [ ] to highlight <Select Line Type>, and then press [OK].
(5) Press [ ] or [ ] to highlight the line type you want to use, and then press [OK].
  • <Pulse>: Pulse dialing
  • <Tone>: Tone dialing (Default)
(6) Press [ ] (Menu) to close the Menu screen.



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