Print Wirelessly From a SELPHY CP900 Printer

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Learn how to print over a wireless connection to a SELPHY CP900.



Follow the instructions below to print images saved on a wireless compatible mobile device or computer.

Note To print wirelessly, you need to install the SELPHY printer app on your mobile device. See our website for details (supported models, functions, etc.).

The set up procedure for SELPHY varies depending on the communication mode. Select the communication mode according to the device you're using. You can change the communication mode later.


Print in ad hoc mode

You can connect SELPHY to a wireless network to print images even if you don't have a wireless router.

Note Some mobile devices may not be able to connect in ad hoc mode. In such a case, use infrastructure mode.

  1. Turn on SELPHY. Remove any inserted card or USB memory.

  2. Insert an ink and paper cassette into SELPHY to prepare to print.

  3. Tap MENU on the printer.

  4. ​Select Wireless network Settings, then tap OK.

  5. Select Initial Settings, then tap OK.

  6. Check the displayed printer name, then tap OK.

  7. Select Ad Hoc, then tap OK.

  8. Check to be sure the screen below displays on the printer.

  9. From the Wi-Fi® settings menu on your mobile device, select the SSID (the network name) that displays on the printer.

  10. On the password field of your mobile device, enter the WEP key (password) that displays on the printer.

  11. Print the test image from your mobile device.

 The following screen displays when printing starts. Don't quit the app while this screen displays.

  • Repeat Step 11 if you want to print another image.

  • Once you configure the settings, the Ready screen displays when you turn the printer power on. All you have to do is to connect your mobile device whenever you want to print.

  • You can stop the Ready screen from displaying if you select Disable Wireless network in Comm. Mode when you turn the power on.


Print in infrastructure mode

You can connect wireless-capable devices such as mobile devices, cameras, and computers to a wireless network to print images.

  • Cameras must be PictBridge (DPS over IP) compliant.

  • SELPHY CP900 can print using PictBridge over wireless networks.

  • PictBridge is used to connect your camera and printer directly.

  • For PictBridge to work, you will need a wireless router. Some cameras can be used as an router.

  • You need to install the supplied software on the computer. See the user guide for details.

Follow these steps to print in infrastructure mode.

  1. Turn on SELPHY. Remove any inserted card or USB memory.

  1. Insert an ink and paper cassette into SELPHY to prepare to print.

  2. Tap MENU.

  3. Select Wireless network Settings, and tap OK.

  4. Select Initial Settings, then tap OK.

  5. Check the displayed printer name and tap OK.

  6. Select Infrastructure, then tap OK.

  7. Select Search for an router, then tap OK.

  1. Select the router, then tap OK.

  2. Tap EDIT to display the screen to enter characters, then enter the encryption key and tap OK.

  3. The following screen displays when you connect to the router. Check the displayed router name, then tap OK.
  • The following screen appears on the printer screen.

  1. Print the image from the camera, mobile device, or computer.
  • If you print from a mobile device, install the designated application, connect the mobile device to the router, and print.

  • If you print from a computer, install the supplied software and print.

  • Select an router on which security was not set in Step 9 and tap OK to display the screen for Step 11.

  • Up to 20 routers can display. If you can't find the router you want to connect to, tap the back button and select Manual Settings in Step 8 to specify the router manually. Follow the instruction on the screen to enter the SSID, security settings, and encryption key.

  • On the screen, wireless signal strength is indicated by the following icons.

  • [ ] high, [ ] medium, [ ] low, [ ] weak or no service.

The following screen displays when printing starts. Don't quit the printing app while this screen displays. The printing result may be incomplete or incorrect.


Use a WPS compatible router

You can easily  connect the printer to the wireless network when your router is WPS® compatible.

  1. Display the Connection Method screen in Step 7, select WPS Connection, then tap OK.

  2. Select PBC Method, then tap OK.

     If you selected PIN Method in Step 2, specify the PIN code displayed on the printer to the router, tap OK on the printer, and proceed to Step 3.

  3. Check to be sure the screen below displays on the printer, then tap and hold the WPS button on the router for a few seconds.

  4. Tap OK on the printer

  5. Connecting... displays on the printer screen, then Connected to router displays when you;re connected. Tap OK.

  6. The following screen appears on the printer screen.

  7. Print the image from the camera, mobile device or computer.

If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.



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