Use the CD for Wi-Fi Setup - PRO-100

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Understand the set up process and the screens shown when connecting your PRO-100 printer to a wireless network using the Setup CD.


The screens you see below will only appear if you use the Setup CD that came with your printer. A USB cable is required for this setup method.
Note If you don't have the CD, you can get download instructions for performing a wireless setup using a downloaded driver.

PRO-100 Wi-Fi® setup screens

When installing the printer for use on a wireless network, you'll see these screens. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the setup.

  1. Initial setup screen. Select Next to continue.

    Initial setup screen

  2. Select Network Connection to set up the printer for use over a Wi-Fi® network.

    Network Connection button shown highlighted.

  3. Select Wireless Connection to set up the printer for use on a wireless network.

    Connection Method screen #2 - Wireless Connection selected.

  4. Make sure your printer is turned ON, then select Next to continue.

    Preparation for Connection, Make sure the printer is turned on. The power lamp will be lit. Then select Next.

  5. To get more information on wireless connections (see the screen below this one), select the Click here link.

    Click here link for info on wireless connections.

    Notes on the Wireless Connection screen

  6. Select Connect to the network to continue.

    Connect to the network button selected.

  7. Select Wireless Setup Using the USB Cable.

    "Select Wireless Setup Using the USB Cable" button selected.

  8. Select any optional software you want to download (click on the check box to select, click again to remove), then select the Next button.

    Optional software installation list

  9. To continue, select Yes on the License Agreement screen.

    License agreement screen.

    Select Yes.

  10. The Install Wizard will start when you select Allow.

    Install WIzard permissions screen. Select Allow.

    You'll see the install progress screen. Wait for the process to finish.

    Installation progress screen

  11. On the Set Up New Printer screen, select Next.

  12. Connect the USB Cable to the printer and your computer.

    Connect the USB cable to printer / computer.

    You'll see some status screens.

    Status Screen: Connecting with printer via USB.

    Status Screen: Searching for access points.

  13. Confirm the Access Point by selecting Yes.

    Select Yes to confirm access point.

    You'll see more status screens.

    Status Message: Communicating with printer via USB.

    Status Screen: Registering the printer driver.

  14. Disconnect the USB cable, the select Next.

    Select Next after you disconnect the USB cable.

  15. Setup is complete. Choose View Setup Results or Complete.

    Setup is complete. Choose View Setup Results or Complete.

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