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Canon offers products that are registered in accordance with the recently established Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (IEEE 1680.2 or EPEAT) for Imaging Equipment.

This new sustainability tool provides third-party verification of the positive environmental aspects related to the purchase and use of imaging equipment. EPEAT rates products on a lifecycle basis, and considers, among other things, their absence of toxic substances, their use of recycled and recyclable materials, and their design for recycling, product longevity, energy efficiency, corporate performance and packaging.
With EPEAT, institutional and commercial customers will be able to easily identify and select environmentally preferable products.
To be added to the EPEAT registry, an imaging device must meet at least 33 required environmental performance criteria. Products may achieve higher ratings by meeting some or all of 26 additional optional criteria. The rating criteria were developed during a four-year stakeholder consensus process that involved hundreds of representatives from the environmental, research, governmental and manufacturing sectors. To view a list of some of the criteria that Canon products have met, please visit:

EPEAT Product Criteria

EPEAT was developed through a stakeholder consensus process and is managed by the Green Electronics Council, a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon. To learn more about EPEAT visit EPEAT.net.

According to EPEAT, since 2006, purchasers choosing EPEAT-registered electronics over products that don't meet EPEAT's registration criteria have helped to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 11 million U.S. vehicles' annual impact, avoid more than 394,000 metric tons of hazardous waste and reduce solid waste by nearly 167,000 metric tons  equivalent to nearly 86,000 U.S. households' annual waste.*

* The environmental benefits of purchasing EPEAT-registered products were calculated using the Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator, developed under a grant by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, based on sales data provided by participating manufacturers.
EPEAT is not owned, controlled or operated by the U.S. EPA. None of EPEAT, the Green Electronics Council or the U.S. EPA endorses or approves Canon's products.

What is EPEAT?

EPEAT is a global registry for environmentally preferable electronics.  In other words, it is an environmental rating that helps identify greener computers and other electronic equipment such as imaging products.  For Canon, this entails multifunction devices (MFDs), consumer printers, fax machines and scanners.

What does EPEAT stand for?

Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool

How is EPEAT used?

It is used for marketing and use by institutions, governmental agencies, corporations, and consumers.  Having products EPEAT-registered enhances Canon's image and allows business to be done with organizations that have a mandate to purchase only EPEAT-registered products.
Are Canon products EPEAT registered? Canon continues to register products against the criteria defined in the EPEAT standard for Imaging Equipment with the exception of consumer imaging products such as printers, an EPEAT standard does not exist for ITCG products such as cameras, camcorders, projectors, binoculars, etc.

What are the benefits of EPEAT-registered products?

EPEAT-registered products meet strict environmental criteria.  From fewer toxins in manufacturing to efficient operation and easier recycling, EPEAT-registered products offer a reduced environmental impact across their lifecycles.
How are EPEAT products rated or ranked? A product will be ranked as gold, silver, or bronze depending on how many requirements from the optional criteria section it meets.  Products that only meet the required criteria will be ranked as Bronze.

Where can someone find a listing of Canon EPEAT-registered products?

All EPEAT-registered products will be available on the EPEAT website:


A listing can also be found at:

Can I call Canon for EPEAT information?

Yes, call 1-800-OK CANON for EPEAT related information.
Can I find answers about Canon and EPEAT on line? 

Yes, For questions regarding registered Canon products, go to EPEAT's registry: ww2.epeat.net/searchoptions.aspx
Where can I find evidence or documentation of EPEAT-registered products? There are specific reports that are available.  These reports are password protected and publically available on the Canon EPEAT website here:


The password to open the reports is:  eoL_ciNc-43314341_repoRt

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