LCD error messages (MP530)



LCD error messages (MP530)


An Error Message is Displayed on the LCD

An error message is displayed on the LCD, take the corresponding countermeasure described below.

Operator call errors are indicated by the Alarm LED lit in orange, and the error and its solution are displayed on the LCD in text.

Buttons valid when an operator call error occurs:

1) ON/OFF button: To turn the machine off and on again.

2) OK button: To clear and recover from an error. In some operator call errors, the error will automatically be cleared when the

cause of the error is eliminated, and pressing the OK button may not be necessary.

3) Stop/Reset button: To cancel the job at error occurrence, and to clear the error.


The document is loaded in the ADF when applying <FIT-TO-PAGE> in [Enlarge/Reduce], and <STICKER COPY> and <BORDERLESS COPY> in <1.SPECIAL COPY>.

Load the document on the Platen Glass when copying with <FIT-TOPAGE> in [Enlarge/Reduce], and <STICKER COPY> and <BORDERLESS COPY> in <1.SPECIAL COPY>.


The paper size setting is set to a size other than A4, letter or legal. Set the paper size setting to A4, letter or legal and load paper of the same size.

For instructions to load paper in the cassette.
For instructions to load paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder (ASF)

CHECK CARTRIDGE U051 U052For instructions to install the Print Head. If the Print Head is already installed, remove the Print Head and reinstall it. If this error still remains, the Print Head may be damaged. Contact Canon Customer Center.
CHECK DOCUMENTNo document in the ADF. Press [OK] to resolve the error, then operate again after loading documents.
CHECK INK U041The ink has run out (The lamp on the ink tank flashes). Replace the ink tank, and close the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover). If printing is in progress and you want to continue printing, press the [OK] with the ink tank installed. Then printing can continue under the ink out condition. Replace the empty ink tank immediately after the printing. The machine may be damaged if printing is continued under the ink out condition.

Note: If multiple ink lamps are flashing red, check how fast they flash. Fast flashing (at about one second interval) indicates the ink is empty. Slow flashing (at about three second interval) indicates ink is low.
CHECK INK U071 U072Possible causes are as follows:

-Some ink tanks are not installed in place.

-More than one ink tanks of the same color are installed.

Confirm that the ink tanks are installed in the appropriate positions.
CHECK INK U130An ink tank that was once empty is installed.

Replace the ink tank.

Printing under the situation may damage the Print Head.

Canon shall not be liable for any machine malfunction or damage caused by refilled ink tanks.

If you want to continue printing with the refilled ink tank installed, press and hold the [Stop/Reset] for at least 5 seconds, and then release it.

Using refilled ink tanks are memorized.

*This operation will release the function for detecting the remaining ink level.
CHECK INK U140 U043Possible causes are as follows:

- The ink tank may not be installed properly (The lamp on the ink tank is off).

Install the appropriate ink tank

. - The ink tank may not be compatible with this machine (The lamp on the ink tank is off).

Install the appropriate ink tank.
CHECK INK U150Ink tank errors have occurred (The lamp on the ink tank is off).

Replace the ink tank.
CHECK PAGE SIZEThe size of the page in the Auto Sheet Feeder or Cassette and that specified in the page size setting are different.

Load the correct page size or change the page size setting. Then press [OK].
CHECK PRINTERAn error requiring servicing might have occurred.

Turn OFF the machine, and unplug the power cord of the machine from the power supply. After a while, plug the power cord of the machine back in and turn ON the machine. If the same error occurs, contact Canon Customer Center.

Documents remain in the ADF.

Press [OK] to eject documents and press [Stop/Reset] to stop ejecting.

To continue scanning, operate on the application. The scanning from the ADF may not be supported depending on your application software. For details, contact the application's manufacturer.

 To place a document on the platen glass.

COOLING HEAD..During printing, the Print Head may have become too hot.

Allow the machine to cool down. The machine will resume printing when it has cooled down.
COVER IS OPENYou opened the Scanning Unit during an operation.

Return the Scanning Unit to its original position.
DEVICE IN USE CANNOT TURN OFFYou are unable to turn OFF the machine with [ON/OFF] because the machine is performing an operation.

The machine is performing an operation. Wait until the operation has finished, then turn OFF the machine.
DOCUMENT IN ADFThe document is jammed in the ADF. Remove the document page jammed in the ADF, then press [OK]. Operate again after resolving the error.
DOCUMENT TOO LONGThe document is too long or is jammed in the ADF.

Remove the document page jammed in the ADF, then press [OK]. After resolving the error, make sure that the document you are loading meets the machine's requirements before redoing the operation.
DUPLEX UNIT JAMThe Duplexing Transport Unit is jammed.

Clear the paper jam. Then load paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder or the Cassette, then press [OK].
HEAD ALIGNMENT ERROR- A4/Letter-sized paper is not loaded on the Auto Sheet Feeder.

Press the [OK] on the machine to clear the error, then load a few sheets of A4/Letter-sized paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder.

Automatic head alignment cannot be performed using paper from the Cassette. For automatic Print Head alignment, always load paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder.

- Print Head nozzles are clogged. Press the [OK] to resolve the error. Print the nozzle check pattern to check the status of the Print Head.

- The Paper Output Slot has been exposed to a strong light source preventing current Print Head alignment. Press the [OK] to resolve the error. Adjust the printer position so the Paper Output Slot will not be exposed directly to a strong light source.
After carrying out the above measures, if the problem continues after aligning the Print Head again, press the [OK] to resolve the error, and then perform manual Print Head alignment.
INCOMPATIBLE CAMERA DISCONNECT CAMERA CABLEDisconnect the camera cable, and reconnect it.

Depending on the model or brand of your device, you may have to select a print mode compliant with PictBridge before connecting the camera.

You may also have to turn on the camera or select Play mode manually after connecting the camera to the machine. Perform necessary operations according to the instruction manual supplied with your camera.

If the error is still unresolved, there is a possibility that you are using a digital camera or digital video camcorder that is not supported by this machine. Use a digital camera or digital video camcorder compatible with this machine.
INK LOWThe ink level becomes low during printing.

Press [OK] to continue printing or press [Stop/Reset] to cancel the current print job.
INNER COVER IS OPENIf the Inner Cover is open when starting normal printing, close it before pressing [OK] on the machine.
LOAD PAPERReload the paper correctly and press [OK].

Note: Pressing [Stop/Reset] also enables you to resolve the error, when sending faxes before printing out received data. After you press [Stop/Reset] to resolve the error, ensure to press [FAX] in order to print out data remained in memory.
MEMORY IS FULLThe machine's memory is full because you tried to copy too many pages at once or a very detailed document.

Divide the document and copy each part separately.

The machine's memory is full because it has received too many documents, or a very long or detailed document.

Contact the sender and have him/her divide and resend them.
PAPER JAMMEDIf paper has jammed in the machine, clear the jam, reload the paper in the machine correctly and then press [OK].
PRESS [BLACK][Color] is pressed.

Press [Black].
PRESS [COLOR][Black] is pressed.

Press [Color].
SCANNER ERRORContact Canon Customer Center.
WASTE INK NEAR FULLInk used for cleaning is absorbed in a waste ink absorber placed in the machine.

Press the [OK] to cancel the error so that you can continue printing. Once the waste ink absorber becomes completely full, printing cannot be done until the waste ink absorber is replaced.

Canon recommends to contact Canon Customer Care Center as soon as possible. You will need to replace a particular part of the machine.



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