Resolve Printer Software or Installation Issues on Your Computer

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Learn how to restart your Windows or Mac computer as a first step toward resolving an issue.


A computer restart is a good initial step that may resolve a software or installation issue.

How to restart your computer

Select your computer Operating System for restart instructions.

  • Windows 10 - From the Start menu, select the Power Power symbol - Windows 10 symbol, then Restart.

  • Windows 8.1 - Hold down the Windows Windows key icon key and press I > the Power icon > RestartTip If you use a touch screen, you can flick from the right side of the screen, tap Settings, then the Power button.

  • Windows 7- Select the Start button Windows start button icon > the arrow to the right of the Shutdown button > Restart.

  • Windows Vista - Select the Start button Windows start button icon > the arrow to the right of the Lock button Lock button icon > Restart.

  • Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 98 / Windows ME - Select Start Turn Off Computer > Restart.

  • Mac OS X® - Select the Apple menu > Restart.

Note If system trouble prevents a restart, use the power switch to turn the PC off, wait a few moments and turn it back on. If you still can't restart the PC, refer to the computer's manufacturer for help.



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