Print unsupported or edited images from the computer
Article ID: ART153467 | Date published: 06/02/2015 | Date last updated: 08/18/2015


Print unsupported or edited images from the computer


Print Images From The Computer

Images (JPEG files) taken with a camera and stored on a memory card can be printed directly from your printer. Image files other than JPEG or images that have been edited on a computer may not print or print correctly. In this case, it is recommended to print these images from the computer.

Note: JPEG is a commonly used standard method of compression for photographic images. The most common file extension for JPEG is .jpg. You may see this file extension while searching your computer for specific images from your camera's memory card.

Please use the following general steps to print images stored on a memory card from your computer.

  1. Insert the memory card into your printer.

  2. If a window appears on your computer's monitor asking what you'd like Windows to do, click 'Cancel'. If a window does not appear, continue to step 3.

  3. Click 'Start' and then 'My Computer'.

  4. In My Computer window, double-click 'Removable Disk'.

    Note: If your computer is equipped with a built-in card reader or you have another card reader, you may see more than one Removable Disk drive.

  5. Double-click on the folder (and sub-folders) to find the image you'd like to print.

  6. Once you have found the image file (imagefilename.jpg), double-click the file to view the image.

  7. From the application's File menu, select 'Print'. If the application does not have a File menu, click the icon that looks like a printer.