Selecting images from multiple folders (Mac) - Easy-PhotoPrint

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Selecting images from multiple folders (Mac) - Easy-PhotoPrint


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How to select images from multiple folders in Easy-PhotoPrint (Mac)

This function enables Easy-Photo Print to print the images saved in different folders at the same time. (Version 3.3 or later)

1. In the Image Selection sheet, select 'Preferences' from the File menu.

2. Click 'Advanced' to switch the display.

Next, select 'Select images from multiple folders' and click 'OK'.

3. Check the message. If everything is OK, click 'Yes'.

4. Select the images from the applicable folders.

As each image is selected from a folder, the applicable folder is added to the pull-down menu to the right of the Next Folder button. If a folder is selected directly from the Previous Folder button, Next Folder button, or the pull-down menu, the folder registered for the above-mentioned pull-down menu is always thumbnailed.

Selecting images in the multiple folders in Easy-PhotoPrint is completed.



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