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Instructions to change the copy settings such as the page size, media type, or print quality.


Change the copy settings

Instructions to change the copy settings such as the page size, media type, or print quality.

  1. Press the <COPY> button to switch into Copy mode.

  2. Press the <Settings> button.

  3. Use the right or left cursor button to select the [Settings] tab.

  4. Use the up or down cursor button to select the item to set and use the right or left cursor buttons to select the setting. Click for additional information on the available settings.

  5. Press the <Settings> button. (The copy settings have been changed.)

Available Settings:

  1. Specify the paper size for copying: A4 / B5 / A5 / 4" x 6" (101 x 152) / 5" x 7" (127 x 177) Credit Card / 8.5" x 11" (215 x 279) / 8.5" x 14"

    Caution: When copying on Credit-card sized paper, load the paper and set the paper source to the Auto Sheet Feeder (ASF).
  2. Specify the media type for copying: Plain paper, Photo Paper Pro, Photo Paper Plus, Matte Photo or Glossy Photo

  3. Adjust image quality for copying: Fast, Standard or High

    Note: [Fast] can be selected only when [Plain paper] is selected as the media type. When using [Fast] with media type set to [Plain paper], but the quality is different from what you expected, select [Standard] or [High] and try copying again.

  4. Specify a magnification for copying: 100%, Preset ratio, Zoom (25 - 400%) or Fit-to-page

    Note: When [Zoom (25 - 400 %)] is selected, after moving the cursor to lower level by pressing the down cursor button one time, magnification can be changed by pressing the right / left cursor buttons. In addition, holding the right / left cursor button down enables magnification to be changed quickly. When [Fit-to-page] is selected, some document types may not be detected, If so, select [Preset ratio] or [Zoom (25 - 400 %)].

  5. Auto intensity: Printing is possible after an intensity is adjusted automatically according to the documents. When setting [Auto intensity ON], the slide bar for intensity adjustment will be changed to [Auto].

    Note: Even though [Auto intensity ON] is set, pressing the left / right cursor button can change the intensity. Auto intensity is enabled again by moving the intensity indicator to the center of the slide bar.

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