Change the Machine Settings MP450

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Instructions to change the machine settings.


Change Machine Settings

Instructions to change the settings on the machine.

  1. Press the <Menu> button.

  2. Use the right or left cursor to select [Maintenance / settings], then press <OK>.

    Note: This procedure is skipped if your machine is in Scan mode. Proceed to step 3.

  3. Use the right or left cursor to select [Device settings], then press <OK>.

  4. Use the up or down cursor to select the item to set, then press <OK>.

    1. Print settings
      • Quiet mode
      • Extended copy amount
    2. Wireless print settings
      • Page size
      • Media type
      • Image Optimizer
      • Layout print
    3. Bluetooth settings
      • Device name
      • Access refusal [ON/OFF]
      • Security [Enable/Disable]
      • Passkey
        Note: The menu Bluetooth settings is displayed only when the optional Bluetooth adapter is installed into the direct print port of the printer.
    4. Other settings
      • Date display
      • Read/write attribute
      • Power save setting
      • Adjust contrast
      • Slide show setting
    5. Language selection
    6. Reset setting
    7. Save settings
    8. Load settings


Print settings:

< 1 > Quiet mode

The operation noise is reduced.

Note: The printing speed when this setting is set to ON is reduced compared to when being set to OFF.

< 2 > Extended copy amount

Select the amount of image that extends off the paper when printing in borderless.

Note: When setting LARGE, more amount of the edges of an image is reduced.


Wireless print settings:

< 1 > Page size

Specifies the page size for printing photos saved in a mobile phone.

4" x 6" (101 x 152), 5" x 7" (127 x 177), Credit card , 8.5" x 11" (215 x 279), A4, Stickers

< 2 > Media type

Specifies the media type for printing photos saved in a mobile phone.

Photo Plus Glossy, Matte Photo Paper, Plain paper, Glossy Photo Paper, Photo Paper Pro

< 3 > Image optimizer

When "Image optimizer ON" is selected, makes the outline of an image smooth for printing.

Image optimizer ON / Image optimizer OFF

< 4 > Borderless

Specifies the layout for the paper when printing photos saved on a mobile phone.

  1. Selectable layout for stickers
    Stickers x16
  2. Selectable layout for other media
    - Bordered: x1, x2, x4, x8
    - Borderless: x1, x2, x4, x8

    - Mixed: 1, 2, 3

    A. When printing on the Canon special stickers, select the layout according to their types.

    B. Mixed 1, Mixed 2, and Mixed 3 can be selected only when the page size setting is 8.5" x 11" (215.9 x 279.4) or A4.


Bluetooth settings:

< 1 > Device name

Specifies the name of this machine that is displayed on a Bluetooth compatible device.

< 2 > Access refusal

When this is set to ON, the machine denies access from a Bluetooth compatible device.

< 3 > Security

When this is set to Enable, the passkey can be specified.

< 4 > Passkey

Changes the passkey.


Other settings:

< 1 > Date display

Changes the display order for shooting dates to be printed.

Note: The shooting date format is as specified in the DPOF setting from DPOF printing.

< 2 > Read/write attribute

Selects whether to allow data to be written onto memory cards from a computer.

Note: This setting cannot be changed when a memory card is inserted.

Read/write mode : Data in the memory card can be read and be written into the memory card with a computer.
Printing from a memory card is not possible.

Read-only mode : Data in the memory card can be read with a computer.
Printing from a memory card is possible.

< 3 > Power save setting

Specifies the time until Power saving is enabled.

Note: Power Saver mode is the function with which a display on the LCD is turned off while the machine is powered on.

< 4 > Adjust contrast

Use this to adjust the contrast of the LCD.

Note: This function is to adjust the LCD's contrast, not the images' contrast.

< 5 > Slide show setting

Specifies the photo quality during the slide show.

When <Image quality: Std> is selected, images are displayed at 5-second intervals.
When <Image quality: High> is selected, images are displayed at different time intervals according to their resolutions.


Language selection:

Changes the language for LCD messages.


Reset setting:

Changes the settings back to the default (factory settings), except for the language for LCD messages and the position of the print head.


Save settings:

Selects whether to save the current media settings.


Load settings:

Selects whether to load the saved media settings.




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