Setting the Copy Quantity

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Setting the Copy Quantity


Setting the Copy Quantity

Up to 100 copies can be entered for copying at one time.

  1. Place your original on the platen glass.

  2. Press the Copy Quantity (/zoom) Input <-> or <+> keys to enter the desired copy quantity (1-100). The copy quantity appears in the Copy quantity (/Copy Ratio) display.

    To increase the copy quantity, press the <+> key.
    To decrease the copy quantity, press the <-> key.
    To clear the copy quantity to "1", press the <Clear/Stop> () key.

  3. Press the <Start> () key.
    After a copy job begins, you cannot change the copy quantity. To change the copy quantity, press the <Clear/Stop> () key and re-enter the copy quantity.

    If you want to stop the copier before copying is completed, press the <Clear/Stop> () key.



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