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Enlarging/Reducing Using the Zoom Key


Enlarging/Reducing Using the Zoom Key

You can reduce or enlarge copies by any copy ratio between 70% and 141%, in 1% increments.

  1. Place your original on the platen glass.

  2. Press the <Zoom> key. The [Zoom] indicator lights, and the current copy ratio (%) is displayed.

  3. Press the Copy quantity/Zoom Input <-> or <+> keys within 3 seconds, to set the desired copy ratio. The selected copy ratio will then appear in the Copy quantity/Copy ratio display.

    To increase the copy ratio, press <+> key.
    To decrease the copy ratio, press <-> key.
    To return to the direct copy ratio (100%), while % is flashing, press the <Clear/Stop> () key.

    • The Copy quantity/Copy ratio display will display the copy quantity three seconds after you have finished setting the copy ratio and stopped pressing the <+> or <-> keys.
    • To set the copy ratio to 120% for example, keep pressing the <+> key until 120% appears in the display.
    • You can use the <Preset Copy Ratio> key together with the <Zoom Ratio> key to help you to set the specific copy ratio that you need.
      For example, to set the copy ratio to 80%, you could do this by first pressing the <Preset Copy Ratio> key to select LGL-LTR 78% and then pressing the <Zoom> key and the <+> key to select 80%.
    • If while in the process of setting the desired copy ratio, the display returns to show the copy quantity, press the <Zoom> key again.

  4. Press the <Start> () key.
    To stop copying, press the <Clear/Stop> () key.

How to Calculate the Zoom Ratio

To calculate the Zoom Ratio, follow the procedure described below:
(Desired Copy Size) (Original Size)

You can choose from two different formulas to calculate the Zoom ration:
(X1X) or (Y1 Y)



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