Recording from Analog Video Devices (VCR, TV or Camcorder) to a Camcorder Elura 40MC and Elura 50

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Recording from Analog Video Devices (VCR, TV or Camcorder) to a Camcorder Elura 40MC and Elura 50


Recording from Analog Video Devices (VCR, TV or Camcorder) - Elura 40MC and Elura 50

You can record a video played on your VCR or analog camcorder or a TV program onto a tape in the camcorder, if the TV or other device has audio/video outputs.

Preparations - Example recording from a VCR

  1. Connect the camcorder to the analog video device (VCR).

  2. Prepare the device.
    Set the TV/Video selector on the television to Video.
    - Turn on the VCR. Load your recorded cassette, and put the VCR in playback pause mode.
    - See your TV and VCR instruction manuals for details.

  3. Turn the camcorder?s POWER switch to PLAY (VCR), and move the camcorder?s TAPE/CARD switch to TAPE ().

  4. Load a blank cassette.


  1. Find a point on your recorded tape slightly before the section you want to copy and set it to playback pause mode.

  2. Press the <REC PAUSE> button on the wireless controller.
    - S-video and AV IN/OUT terminals work as input terminals.
    - The camcorder enters record pause mode.

  3. Start playback on the other device or turn on the TV to see the desired program while you monitor the picture.
    You can also monitor the picture in the viewfinder or LCD screen.

  4. Press the pause button.
    Recording starts.

  5. When you get to the point where you want to stop recording, press the stop button or the pause button.
    Recording stops.

  6. Stop playback on the other device.

  • If an anomalous signal is sent from the TV or VCR, the images recorded on the tape may also be anomalous (although it may not appear so on the TV image), not recorded at all, or COPYRIGHT PROTECTED DUBBING RESTRICTED may appear in the display.
  • You are unable to dub tapes recorded with the copyright protective signal.
  • Headphones cannot be used during analog line-in recording.
  • If you have the AV/headphones terminal set to headphones, it will automatically switch to AV for analog line-in recording. PHONES disappears from the display.

We recommend powering the camcorder from a household power source.



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