Recording movies on a tape Elura 40MC and Elura 50

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Recording movies on a tape Elura 40MC and Elura 50


Recording movies on a tape Elura 40MC and Elura 50

1. Press and hold the small button on the POWER switch and turn the POWER switch to CAMERA.

2. Make sure the TAPE/CARD switch is set to TAPE ().

  • The camcorder automatically sets to record pause mode. PAUSE appears in the display.
  • If you haven't set the date and time display, SET THE TIME ZONE, DATE AND TIME appears in the display. You should set this at this time.
  • The camcorder power indicator lights up.
  • The confirmation beep sounds.
  • The camcorder will turn itself off if you leave it in record pause mode for more than about 5 minutes. To return to record pause mode, turn the POWER switch to OFF and then back to CAMERA.

3. Load a cassette.

4. Slide the program selector to .

  • This selects the camcorder's Easy Recording program. It allows you to simply point and shoot without making any manual adjustments.

5. Press and release the <start/stop> button once to begin recording.

6. Press and release the <start/stop> button again to pause recording.

  • The camcorder returns to record pause mode and PAUSE reappears in the display.
  • You can stop and restart recording as often as you like by pressing the start/stop button.
  • After loading a cassette, start recording when the tape counter has stopped.

When you have finished recording:

  • Replace the lens cap.
  • Return the LCD screen flush to the camcorder body.
  • Unload the cassette.
  • Turn the POWER switch to OFF.
  • Disconnect the power source.
  • To check that the camcorder is recording correctly, make a test recording first.
  • Before making important recordings, clean the video heads using a Canon DVM-CL Digital Video Head Cleaning Cassette or a commercially available digital video head cleaning cassette.
  • To close the LCD panel, rotate it vertically until the screen faces you, then press it until it clicks securely closed.
  • You cannot monitor the sound from the speaker when recording.
  • For extra recording time, set REC MODE to LP mode.



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