Adjusting the playback volume Elura 50

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Adjusting the playback volume Elura 50


Adjusting the playback volume Elura 50

The camcorder has a built-in speaker so you can review the sound track alongside the picture when you' re using the LCD screen to play back. The built-in speaker is monaural. For stereo playback, use the headphones. For instructions on changing the sound output to headphones, click here.

Adjust the speaker volume by turning the selector dial.

  • Turn the selector dial up to increase the volume, and down to lower the volume.

  • A bar appears in the display to indicate the current volume. It disappears in 4 seconds.

  • You can turn off the volume completely by turning the selector dial down until OFF appears.

  • Sometimes audio may sound distorted when the volume is turned up high. If this happens, turn down the volume.
  • The speaker does not sound if PHONES is displayed. Set AV/headphones to AV

When using the headphones

  • You can also use the headphones to monitor the sound track. Change the setting of the AV/headphones terminal through the menu.

    • Open the menu and select VCR SET UP.

    • Select AV/PHONES and set it to AV or PHONES and close the menu.

      • When the terminal is switched to PHONES, PHONES appears in the display.

  • You can adjust the headphone volume separately from the built-in speaker.

  • The levels you adjust for the built-in speaker and headphones are memorized separately. The camcorder remembers your levels even if you turn the camcorder off and back on again.

  • The speaker turns off when you use headphones.

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