Copying onto Various Types of Copy Stock

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Copying onto Various Types of Copy Stock


Copying onto Various Types of Copy Stock

To make copies with copy stock which cannot be loaded in the cassette, such as any heavy paper or card stock, transparencies or labels, use the single-sheet bypass.

  1. Place your original on the platen glass. The side that you want to copy must face downward. Align the original between the appropriate paper size marks.

    • Close the platen glass cover gently to avoid catching your hand, as this may result in personal injury.
    • Do not press down hard on the platen glass cover when using the platen glass to copy thick books. This may damage the platen glass and/or result in personal injury.
    • After placing the original, lower the platen glass cover. Do not copy with the platen glass cover left open; doing so will result in excessive toner consumption.

  2. Adjust the slide guides for the size of the copy stock.

    • If the slide guides are not adjusted correctly for the paper size, the inside of the copier may get dirty and the quality of your copy images may be adversely affected.

  3. Insert a sheet of the copy stock into the single-sheet bypass. Hold a sheet of the copy stock until it begins to feed into the copier.
    After the copy stock feeds into the copier, copying will be automatically.

    • When copying onto transparencies, raise the paper output guide and remove each transparency from the copy tray as it is output.
    • Do not make copies with paper which has already been printed on using a thermal transfer printer. Copying with it may adversely affect the quality of your copy images or cause a paper jam. If you want to copy onto it, first, make a copy of it. Then print onto that copy.
    • Wait until the number of the Copy quantity (/Copy ratio) displays turns from "1" to "0" before inserting the next sheet of copy stock.



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