Making Two-Sided Copies

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Making Two-Sided Copies


Making Two-Sided Copies

Using the single-sheet bypass, copies can be made on sides of copy sheet.

  1. Place the first original on the platen glass, then proceed to copy. The side that you want to copy must face downward.

  2. Place the second original on the platen glass.
    Portrait Orientation originals: Load so that the top edge of the original is opposite to the top edge of the first original.
    Landscape Orientation originals: Load so that the orientation is the same as the first original.

  3. Insert the copied sheet into the single-sheet bypass. Turn the copy paper making sure that the inner side and front side stay at the same side, and load the copy paper as shown in the figure.

    If the copy paper is curled, uncurl it before placing it in the cassette. Failure to do so will cause paper creases and a paper jam.

  4. Proceed to copy the second original to finish making your two-sided copy.



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