Copy Yield

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Copy Yield


Copy Yield

Approximate copy yield:

Canon Starter Cartridge - approx. 2,000 copies (A4 at 5% ink coverage) (included with the copier)
Canon E40 Cartridge - approx. 4,000 copies (A4 at 5% ink coverage)

The term "A4 at 5% ink coverage" denotes an original on which the area covered with black ink is 5% of the total area of an A4-size sheet.

  • The actual number of copies that can be made per cartridge depends in part on the copy exposure setting, room temperature and humidity.
  • If you copy a large number of originals which contain heavy print or many photographs, toner consumption will increase, and white streaks will appear on copies sooner than indicated above. Toner consumption will also increase if you copy with the platen cover left open.
  • Small-sized originals and originals with less print will use less toner. However, although you may be able to use the cartridge longer than indicated above, dark bands might appear on copies.



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