Printing using Canon Photo Stickers

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Printing using Canon Photo Stickers


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Using Photo Stickers PS-101

This is a peel-and-stick sheet that allows you to make your original stickers using your favorite photo. It is a glossy sheet and is highly resistant to water. On each sheet, you can print 16 photo stickers with excellent printing quality.

This media is available from Canon in available in 4" x 6" size only.

Note: You can use the most current version of Easy-PhotoPrint to easily specify print settings.


  • Load one sheet in the Auto Sheet Feeder at a time. Do not load Photo Stickers in the Cassette because this could damage the printer.

  • Load each sheet with the label side facing UP. Printing on the back side can stain the inside of the printer or your clothes.

  • Place the sheet in the printer in such a manner that the top margin is larger than the bottom margin. For more information, refer to the instructions on the back of the sheet package.

  • If a sheet is curled, flatten it before loading.

  • Do not use a sheet in which stickers are coming off or you have peeled off stickers.

Printer Driver Settings

  • Media Type: Photo Paper Plus Glossy

  • Page Size: 4" x 6" / 101.6 x 152.4 mm

Handling of Printed Output

Remove each sheet as soon as it is printed.



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