Playing back images and movies from the memory card on my camcorder ZR85 and ZR90

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Playing back images and movies from the memory card on my camcorder ZR85 and ZR90


Playing Back a Memory Card

You can display a single image, 6 at one time (index screen), or one after another (slide show). Use the Card Jump function to quickly locate an image without displaying them one by one.

Displaying images one at a time

  1. Set the camcorder to CARD PLAY mode.
  2. Press the <CARD +/-> button to move between images.

  3. To play back a movie, press the   button.

  • The first scene appears as a still image when playback is complete.
  • Pressing the   button during playback pauses the playback. Press the   button again to restart playback.
  • Pressing the   button displays the first scene of the movie.
  • Press the <CARD +/-> button (or the REW   /FF   button on the wireless controller) for 8x fast forward/fast rewind playback.
  • Images not recorded with this camcorder, uploaded from a computer (except the sample images), edited on a computer and images whose file names have been changed may not be played back correctly.
  • Do not turn off the camcorder, change the position of the TAPE/CARD switch, disconnect the power source, open the memory card cover or remove the memory card while the card access indicator is flashing. Doing so could result in data damage.

Slide Show

  1. Press the <SLIDE SHOW> button.
    Images are played back one after another.
  2. Press the SLIDE SHOW button to stop the slide show.

Index Screen

  1. Move the zoom lever toward W.
    Up to 6 images appear.
  2. Turn the SET dial to select an image.
    Move the pointer to the image you wish to view.
    - You can switch between the index pages by pressing the <CARD +> or <CARD -> button.
  3. Move the zoom lever toward T.
    The index screen is cancelled and the selected image is displayed.

Card Jump Function

You can locate images without displaying them one by one. The number in the upper right of the screen indicates the image number of the current image by the total number of images.

  • Press and hold the <CARD +> or <CARD -> button.
    • When you release the button, the image of the displayed image number appears.



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