Loading the film - Sure Shot Z150u

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Loading the film - Sure Shot Z150u


Loading the film - Sure Shot Z150u

1) Open the back cover and load the film - push the back cover release lever down
2) Position the film correctly between the film guides

3) Pull the film out to the film leader position indicator.

  • Make sure that there is no slack in the film when you pull it out.
  • If the edge of the film leader goes beyond the film leader position 4 indicator, rewind some of the film back into the cartridge.
4) Close the back cover.
  • The film automatically winds on to the first frame and "1" appears on the frame counter.
  • If the frame counter shows a blinking "0". the film did not load correctly. Load the film again.
ISO 400 DX-coded film is recommended. The film speed is set to ISO 25 when non-DX film is loaded. If the film does not have a DX-code, insert it into the film compartment, close the back cover and press the shutter button once or twice.



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