Memory Sending (L80)

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Memory Sending


Memory Sending

Memory sending is a quick and easy way to send a document. As the machine scans the first page of a multipage document into its memory, it begins calling the other party and transmitting the information even as the remaining pages are being scanned.

Since you machine is multitasking, you can even scan a document into memory while performing other tasks.

Your machine has enough memory to store up to approximately 350 pages* (fewer if the document contains many graphics or particularly dense text).

*-Based on ITU-T No.1 Chart, standard mode.

  1. Load the document, face down in the ADF.

  2. Dial the other party's fax number.
    • If you enter the wrong number, press <Stop/Reset>, then enter the correct number.
    • If you are connected to a PBX and need to first dial an outside line access number ("9", for example), add a pause after that number by pressing <Pause>.

  3. Press <Start/Copy> to begin scanning for sending, or if you used speed dialing, wait a few seconds for your machine to begin scanning automatically.
    • If you do not want your machine to begin scanning automatically after a few seconds, disable the TIME OUT setting.
    • To cancel sending once dialing has started, press <Stop/Reset> then <*>.
    • If the number you are calling is busy, your machine redials the number automatically after a few minutes.
You can have up to 20 different jobs waiting in memory to be sent.
  The document is automatically deleted from memory after sending. This occurs even if an error prevents complete transmission of the document.




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