Installing the toner cartridge (L75/L80)

Article ID: ART154872 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 01/22/2016


Installing the toner cartridge.


  1. Make sure the machine is plugged in.
  2. Lift the latch and open the front cover.
    Do not try to open the front cover without lifting the latch since this may damage your machine.
  3. Remove the FX-3 S Cartridge from its protective bag.
  4. Gently rock the cartridge from side to side a few times to distribute the toner evenly inside it.
    • Poor print quality may result if the toner is unequally distributed.
  5. Place and support the cartridge on a flat, clean surface, then gently pull on the plastic tab to remove the plastic seal.
    • Use a firm, even pull to avoid breaking the seal.
  6. Insert the cartridge. Hold the cartridge by its handle and insert it into the machine as far as it will go, making sure that its tabs are aligned with the rails inside the machine.

    Always hold the cartridge by its handle.

  7. Use hands to close the front cover.



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