Quick Reference L80

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Quick Reference L80


Quick Reference L80

Print Specifications

Resolution: 600 (horizontal) x600 (vertical) Emulation: None
Print Speed: Approx. 6 ppm Interface: USB
Paper Weight (ASF)  : 14 lb.to 24 lb (Recommended) Release Date(s): March 2004
Number of Sheets: Approx. 150 (of 20lb Plain paper)  Buffer/Ram: See fax memory
    Printhead: FX3 Toner Cart.

Copy Specifications

Copy Speed:              Approx. 6 pages /minute                 Print Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi  
Quantity: Up to 99 at a time Reduction: 70%, 80%, 90%

Fax Specifications

Modem Speed:            33.6 Kbps  with automatic fallback TX Speed:         Approx. 3sec/page
Speed Dials: 15 Speed Dials/100 Coded Dials Memory: Up to 350 pages
Paper Weight (ADF): 17 lb. to 24 lb. Resolution: Black: 203x196
    Fax Scan Speed: Approx. 7.7 sec/page

General Specifications

Warranty:                    1-Year Limited w/Instant Exchange Serial Number:    Located on back of unit
FX3 Warranty: 30 days    



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