Changing the TX Report on a L75
Article ID: ART154930 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Changing the TX Report on a L75


Changing the TX Report

  1. Open the one-touch speed dialing panel.

  2. Press <Data Registration>.

  3. Press <Set>.

  4. Use or to select [REPORT SETTINGS].

  5. Press <Set>.

  6. Use or to select [TX REPORT].

  7. Press <Set>.

  8. Use or to select the setting you want.
    • You can choose from the following:
      -OUTPUT NO (no report is printer)
      -PRINT ERROR ONLY (prints a report only when a transmission error occurs)
      -OUTPUT YES (prints a report every time you send a document)

I f you select [PRINT ERROR ONLY] or [OUTPUT YES], you will have the option of [PRINT WITH IMAGE] (prints the first page of the fax under the report).

  1. Press <Set>.

  2. Press <Stop> to return to standby mode.