Delete the documents stored in memory on a L75

Article ID: ART154931 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 01/20/2016


Delete the documents stored in memory on a L75.


Deleting a Document Stored in Memory

  1. Open the one-touch speed dialing panel.
  2. Press <Memory Reference>.
  3. Use or to select [DELETE  DOCUMENT].
  4. Press <Set>.
  5. Use or to select the transaction number (TX/RX NO.) of the document you want to delete.
    • If you are unsure of the transaction number (TX/RX NO.), print the DOC. MEMORY LIST.
    • A "#" before the transaction number (TX/RX NO.) indicates that document is being sent at that moment. If you want to delete a document being sent, follow the instructions in the LCD.
    • Use or to display the details of the transaction (e.g. destination).
  6. Press <Set>.
    • If you are deleting a document stored in the polling box, enter the password that restricts access to the polling box settings, then press <Set>.
  7. Press <*> to delete the document.
    • If you change your mind and want to keep the document in memory, press <#>.
  8. To continue deleting other documents in  memory, repeat the procedure from step 5.
    - or -
    Press <Stop> to return to standby mode.



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