Polling one or several fax machines on a L75

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Polling one or several fax machines on a L75


Polling one or more fax machines

  1. Open the one-touch speed dialing panel.
  2. Press <Polling>.
  3. Use or to select [POLLING RX].
  4. Press <Set>.
  5. Enter up to 116 fax numbers you want to send to using any of the following methods:

    One-touch speed dialing:
    Press the one-touch speed dialing button(s) you want.

    Coded speed dialing:
    Press <Coded Dial>, then use the numeric buttons to enter the two-digit code you want. Repeat for other codes.
    • Be sure to press <Coded Dial> before each code.

    Regular dialing:
    Use the numeric buttons to enter the fax numbers you want, then press <Set>.
    • You can only enter one fax number this way.
    • To correct a mistake in the number, press to delete the rightmost digit. Alternatively, press <Clear> to delete the entire number.

    • If you enter a wrong destination, press <Clear>, then enter the correct destination.
    • You cannot enter a subaddress/password with regular dialing. If you need to enter a subaddress/password for polling, register them together with the fax number for speed dialing.
    • To review the destinations entered, use or to scroll through the numbers.
  6. Press <Start/Copy> to begin polling the fax machine(s)..



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