Receiving a fax using FaxTel mode on a L75

Article ID: ART154951 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Receiving a fax using FaxTel mode on a L75.


Setting Fax/Tel Mode

Set this mode if you only have one telephone line for fax and telephone use and want your machine to automatically switch between fax and voice calls.

Setting Fax/Tel Mode
Your machine is factory-set to Fax/Tel Mode.

  1. Press <Receive Mode> repeatedly until Fax/Tel Mode is displayed.

    • The LCD changes to this display:

If Fax/Tel Mode does not appear in the LCD, follow this procedure to set FAX/TEL AUTO SW (Fax/Tel Mode):
  1. Open the one-touch speed dialing panel.

  2. Press <Data Registration>.

  3. Press <Set>.

  4. Use or to select [RX SETTINGS].

  5. Press <Set>.

  6. Use or to select [RX MODE].

  7. Press <Set>.

  8. Use or to select [FAX/TEL AUTO SW].

  9. Press <Set>.

  10. Press <Stop> to return to standby mode.

  11. Confirm that FaxTel is displayed in the LCD.
    • If FaxTel is not displayed, follows steps 1 to 3 on top of this page.



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