Recording movies on a tape ZR65mc and ZR70mc

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Recording movies on a tape ZR65mc and ZR70mc


Recording Movies on a Tape - ZR65mc and ZR70mc

You can use the LCD screen or the viewfinder when recording.

Before You Begin Recording
  • Make a test recording first to check if the camcorder operates correctly. Before you make important recordings, clean the video heads.
  • Connect a power source.
  • Load a cassette.


1. Remove the lens cap.

2. Set the camcorder to CAMERA mode.
If you have not set the time zone, date and time, "SET THE TIME ZONE, DATE AND TIME" appears.

3. Open the LCD panel.
To use the viewfinder, keep the LCD panel closed or rotate it so that the screen faces in the same direction of the lens.

4. Press the <start/stop> button to begin recording.
Wait until the tape counter came to a complete stop before you begin recording.

5. Press the <start/stop> button again to pause recording.
Restart recording by pressing the start/stop button.

When You Have Finished Recording

  1. Turn the POWER switch to OFF.

  2. Close the LCD panel and return the viewfinder into its initial position.

  3. Replace the lens cap.

  4. Unload the cassette.

  5. Disconnect the power source.

  • Wait until the tape counter stops completely before you start recording.
  • When you do not remove the cassette, you can record the next scene without producing any noise or blank sections between the recordings even if you turn the camcorder off.
  • Bright light may make it difficult to use the LCD screen. In such case, use the viewfinder instead.
  • You can rotate the LCD panel. Make sure to open the LCD panel at 90 degrees before rotating it.
  • When recording near loud sounds (such as fireworks, drums or concerts), sound may become distorted or may be recorded not in the actual sound level.
  • About the LCD and viewfinder screen: The screens are produced with extremely high-precision manufacturing techniques, with more than 99.99% of the pixels operating to specification. Less than 0.01% of the pixels may occasionally misfire or appear as black or green dots. This has no effect on the recorded image and does not constitute a malfunction.
  • The camcorder will shut off after 5 minutes when left in record pause mode to protect tape and video heads. ?AUTO POWER OFF? appears 20 seconds before shutoff. To continue recording, turn the POWER switch to OFF and then back to CAMERA..
  • When recording outdoors or through a window, do not leave LCD screen, viewfinder or lens exposed to direct sunlight as it may cause damage.



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