Rewinding a tape on the camcorder ZR65mc and ZR70mc
Article ID: ART155027 | Date published: 06/09/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Rewinding a tape on the camcorder ZR65mc and ZR70mc


Rewinding a Tape - ZR65mc and ZR70mc

After loading a cassette that has been recorded onto, you can rewind the tape on the camcorder.

1. Set the POWER switch to PLAY (VCR) and the TAPE/CARD switch to TAPE.
2. Open the LCD panel.
  • You can also close the LCD panel with the screen facing outward.

3. Press the  button to rewind the tape.

  • To fast forward the tape, press the button.
  • To stop playback, press the  button.

4. Press the  button to begin playback.

5. Press the  button to stop playback.

  • If the playback picture is distorted, clean the video heads using a Canon Head Cleaning Cassette or a commercially available digital video head-cleaning cassette.
  • To use the viewfinder, close the LCD panel. The built-in speaker does not sound. Use headphones when using the viewfinder.
  • About the screen display: During playback, the time code gives the hours, minutes, seconds and frames. The remaining tape time may not appear when the time left is less than 15 seconds.